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We are a team of artists and filmmakers teaming up to create a feature film that depicts real life situations.The goal for creating the film Differences was to highlight drug and gang violence taking place in communities, and to inspire individuals to turn away from that violence. This film shows individuals it is ok to coexist with others who might not have the same beliefs as you or share the same interests.


We are asking for your financial support in the developing of the feature film Differences, which we believe will have a positive impact on its audience. Any financial amount will help our team complete our work. We aim to have all funds secured by October of 2020, so that we can begin pre-production for the film, and shoot by Summer of 2021. The funds will be used to pay actors, actresses, and crew members; provide catering for the crew; travel talent to filming locations; and to rent filming locations. We cannot complete our mission without your support. Any donation, share, and contribution will be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!


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