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De'Niaya Thomas

De’Niaya Thomas is a Writer, Producer, Director, and Assistant Director. De'Niaya is a graduate of Full Sail University’s Film and Entertainment Business programs. She began her filmmaking journey at the age of sixteen years old and has been actively in the film industry ever since. Since entering into the industry, De’Niaya has worked on feature films, short films, music videos, and live events. She has helped facilitate shows for networks and companies such as WWE, ESPN, Food Network, BET+, Lifetime, Hallmark, and many more. De’Niaya’s goal is to work on films that inspire and change lives.


Feature Films                                                                                 Television

Stowaway                                                                                          Atlanta United                          

The Sound of  Christmas                                                                 Trigger Warning with Killer Mike


Whatever It Takes                                                                             Iron Chef Gauntlet


Divine Influencer                                                                             Restaurant Impossible


My Sister's Serial Killer Boyfriend                                                  Bridezillas

Love's Secret Ingredient                                                                 Dinner Impossible

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