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This sitcom focuses on two millennials in their twenties. After a bit of bad luck and tax problems, Alani wins a contest with a $100,000 cash prize. There’s one stipulation — she must agree to marry the other contestant winner, Ricky. The pair are polar opposites. Unlike Ricky, who is well-organized and self-motivated, Alani is a free-spirit who is known for having a good time. They are in for a surprise when a slight contract oversight requires them to remain married for three years. Now, the pair must learn to adapt to the customs of their new spouse while trying to maintain the life they know best. Little do they know; this unconventional situation is just the precursor of crazy events ahead!


We are aiming to begin principal photography for the television pilot in February 2024. We will be filming in the LaGrange, GA area, and we are looking to partner with several local businesses for sponsorship opportunities. We are happy to share our funding opportunity with you and your team. Further documentation that outlines our project and investment opportunity in detail can be provided by completing our contact form below.  

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Come join the team! We are still casting several principal roles for this sitcom pilot. Individuals do not need to be local to LaGrange, GA to apply for the project. Casting for the project will open November 8, and close January 2024. 

 The link below will provide more information on where and how to apply. 

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