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D Best ProductiOns 

"Changing lives one film at a time. "


About Us

D Best Productions is a multimedia production company that was founded in October 2016, and officially launched on February 24, 2017. Our goal is to produce culturally relevant films that inspire all audiences through entertainment and social commentary.

Changing lives one film at a time.



De'Niaya Thomas
Daniel Sheahan
Sound Specialist

Tel: 706-350-0989

De'Niaya Thomas's Bio


De’Niaya Thomas is a graduate of Full Sail University’s Film Program. She began her film making journey at sixteen years old and has been actively in the film industry ever since. Since entering into the industry, De’Niaya has worked on feature films, short films, music videos, and live events. De’Niaya Thomas is very versatile and has experience in every department in the industry. De’Niaya has experience in programs such as Adobe Creative Cloud applications and Final Cut Pro X. De’Niaya’s goal is to work on films that inspire and change lives. 

Tel: 864-350-2770

Daniel Sheahan Bio

Daniel Sheahan is an aspiring Audio & Electrical Engineer and has a strong passion for Information Technology(IT) and how complex systems cohesively work together. Daniel headed all technical aspects in making of a documentary about food insecurity called “Pass The Plate”.  As a Full Sail University student he has pursued his degree in Film specializing in Sound, and has continued to maintain his IT passion by working at the Information & Media Technology department on campus. 



    D Best Productions

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